Register Your Lomography Product Now & Benefit From Our 2 Year Product Warranty

Thanks for purchasing a Lomography product! To confirm your warranty, please login to submit your product details. If you do not have a Lomography account, please register to join the Lomography community for free and get tons of great benefits; as soon as you join, (ll reward you with 10 Piggy Points (equivalent to 10 EUR/USD/GBP) to spend in the Lomography Online Shop. Once you have an account, you will then be able to confirm your warranty information and get great offers and news about your product before anyone else!

Register your Lomography product from its date of purchase and during a two-year period your Lomography warranty will cover:

  • Functionality of the product (material failures during usage)
  • Any production errors
  • Readjustment of optics if the product does not meet normal standards

The warranty is not applicable in case of the following:

  • Atypical usage of the product - damages due to use under extreme conditions, e.g. underwater usage, fire damages, etc.)
  • Opening of the product for self-repair attempts – It is up to Lomography to judge whether self-repair attempts have been performed or not.
  • If the lens is privately sold to another person, without handing over the original bill.
  • Damages due to accidents
  • Theft

Please Note: Your Lomography warranty is only valid with the purchase invoice.

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